Fabuwood Catalina Door Style


Introducing the Fabuwood Catalina Door Style – where simplicity meets sophistication. Designed with clean, slab-style doors, the Catalina collection embodies a timeless aesthetic that effortlessly complements any interior. The neutral lines and minimalist appeal of this door style create a versatile and enduring charm, making it a perfect choice for modern and traditional spaces alike. Crafted with precision and quality, the Catalina Door Style ensures your cabinetry stands out with a subtle elegance that never goes out of style. Elevate your home with the understated beauty of Fabuwood’s Catalina Door Style.

Available Colors

Catalina Bianco Matte

Catalina Carbone Matte

Catalina Ida 1

Catalina Woodline 1

Catalina Black

Catalina Metallo 1

Catalina Azul Indigo Matte

Catalina Gris Plomo Matte

Catalina Como Ash 2

Catalina Grigio Gloss

Catalina Ida 2

Catalina Woodline 3

Catalina Blanco

Catalina Metallo 4

Catalina Azul Marino Matte

Catalina Verde Saliva Matte

Catalina Olmo 3

Catalina Bianco Gloss

Catalina Nocce 1

Catalina Woodline 4

Catalina Cashmere

Catalina Olivo

Catalina Black Matte

Catalina Nocce 3

Catalina Como Ash 1

Catalina Rosales 1

Catalina Agua Marina

Catalina Euroline

Catalina Textile Plata

Catalina Textile Basalto

Catalina Muratti 3

Catalina Frappe 1

Catalina Rosales 2

Catalina Azul Indigo

Catalina Gris Nube

Catalina Antracita

Catalina Blanco Matte

Catalina Muratti 4

Catalina Ice Cream

Catalina Rosales 3

Catalina Azul Marino

Catalina Guayana

Catalina Agua Marina Matte

Catalina Cashmere Matte