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Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2018

Join Corian® Design Color and Design Expert, Mark Woodman, while he discusses the design trends spotted at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.



H.J. Oldenkamp Co. is Now Stocking KWP (Kountry Wood Products) Cabinetry!

KWP – Quality and Affordable Cabinetry

In 1998 Kountry Wood Products was founded on a basic business philosophy; that building a quality product, selling at a reasonable price and providing customers with good service was the key to building a successful business. Clinging to that philosophy has proven to be the cornerstone of Kountry Wood’s business plan and is just as important now as it was over a decade ago.

Now in Stock!

KWP cabinets are built to impress, inside and out, all while helping manage costs. Ideal for quick turn-a-round times and for multi-family builders who need a cabinet that combines the quality you expect with the reliable delivery from local inventories, KWP is the clear choice. HJO now stocks Kountry Wood Product’s Harmony doorstyle in Lava Cherry finish – ready for your next delivery or immediate pick-up from our Royal Oak, MI warehouse. Let us quote your next multi-unit project in KWP and we’ll show you just how competitive you can be!

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Corian’s Exciting Brand Rejuvenation for 2017

Corian® Design
Invites a Whole New Generation to “Make Their Space”

Corian-Design-Tagline_RGBThe Corian® brand has a whole new look
Corian’s 50th Anniversary marks a new global business and brand vision that aims at maximizing the design potential of the Corian® that you have been designing, showcasing and innovating with for years. The Corian® Brand has a whole new look and way of expressing brand beliefs, but most importantly a new range of products and aesthetics that invite you to meet the Corian® you never knew.

Corian® will continue to develop innovative new products, introduce new aesthetics that will drive the marketplace, and expand the portfolio under the Corian® Design brand to inspire you, and most importantly to meet the evolving needs of your customers and modern society.

Corian® Design: Make Your Space™ is the next step in our journey, one of universal possibilities based on collaboration and innovation.
It’s an exciting time for Corian® Design and we look to continue to inspire and transform the world of design. We appreciate your support over the past years and we look forward to continuing to meet your design needs in the future!


Video Graphic

Click here to watch the new brand video

Contact your Oldenkamp sales representative for your Corian® logo needs

Experience the new aesthetics of Corian®
Warmth and emotion, decoration and dynamic modernity. Embracing its heritage while moving swiftly to the future, Corian® has created three advanced aesthetics: Concrete, Onyx and Prima. They encompass unparalleled character and personality to satisfy a desire, strike a mood or complete a vision. These three new aesthetics celebrate the direction of decoration and color. They represent the evolution of design.

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Everyone loves the Property Brothers – and the Property Brothers love DuPont Surfaces™

Set your DVR for the newest season of the hit HGTV show “Property Brothers – Buying & Selling” in Nashville featuring DuPont™ Corian® and Zodiaq® surfaces. Episodes air Wednesday nights at 9PM EST.

HGTV’s Property Brothers 2017 fall season will take place in Nashville, Tennessee and feature DuPont Corian® and DuPont Zodiaq® countertops, vanity tops, and a shower surround.

Upcoming Episodes and Product Placement…

Episode 503 – Aug. 30 @ 9PM EST
Kitchen Counter: Zodiaq® Stratus White

Episode 501 – Sept. 6 @ 9PM EST
Bathroom Vanity Counter: Zodiaq® London Sky
Shower Surround: Corian® Seafoam
Laundry Room Counter: Zodiaq® London Sky

Episode 502 – Sept. 20 @ 9PM EST
Kitchen Counter: Zodiaq® Cashmere Carrara
Shower Surround: Corian® Glacier White
Vanity Counter Top: Corian® Glacier White

Werthan LLC of Nashville, TN was the exclusive fabricator/installer of DuPont Surfaces™ for the Property Brothers – Buying+Selling – delivering impressive installations on a tight and often accelerated schedule.


DuPont Surfaces™ Virtual Hospital Tour

Click here to join us for an informational tour of DuPont Surfaces™ healthcare installations and case study descriptions – all in a convenient interactive format.

See applications ranging from reception areas to emergency rooms, and from cafeterias and kitchens to patient rooms.

If you have any questions, please contact Oldenkamp customer service at (800) 462-6047 or your sales representative. As always, we appreciate your business and thank you for making H. J. Oldenkamp your building products source.


Zodiaq® Quartz Aesthetic Introductions for 2017

Inspired by the movement and color of natural stone, these Zodiaq® color introductions merge inventive, stylish aesthetics with those of directional design. Zodiaq® has always been known for its innovative, highly-durable surfaces which infuse the variegated beauty of the natural world to form alluring designs.


Corian® Aesthetic Introductions for 2017

Embracing its heritage while moving swiftly to the future, Corian® has created three advanced aesthetics: Concrete, Onyx and Prima. They encompass unparalleled character and personality to satisfy a desire, strike a mood or complete a vision. These three new aesthetics celebrate the direction of decoration and color.


Why Wood Butcher Block Tops Warp

Why Wood Butcher Block Tops Warp

12We field occasional calls from customers complaining of warp in their butcher block tops. While it may appear that a warped top is defective and unusable, the truth is warp is often a symptom of the environment and a problem that can be easily remedied.

Wood is a living material and hygroscopic, meaning it gains moisture in a damp environment and loses moisture in a dry environment. When moisture is gained or lost in an unbalanced manner, wood warps. The Wood Welded Companies carefully dry our lumber so that we can reduce the potential for warp. Unfortunately, that potential is still there in every top.

When you realize that warping (and cracking which can be a symptom of warping) is caused by a moisture imbalance, it becomes easier to diagnose the problem.

There are some common conditions that may cause warp:

Did you order top oiled? Tops that are oiled or unfinished are highly susceptible to warping, especially during the humid summer months. If butcher block tops are not oiled regularly, they will warp and eventually crack. So how often do you need to oil your top? Once a day for the first week. Once a week for the first month. Once a month forever.

Did you cut the butcher block top? It is extremely important to ensure that all sides and edges of a finished butcher block top receive an equal coating of finish. Often, customers will cut out a sink or range and leave the cut edges exposed. Those exposed edges allow for moisture to penetrate the top, thus causing warp. After any cutting, apply a few coats of the Good Stuff to cut edges after sanding.

Is the top installed on a substrate? Butcher block needs exposure to air on both the top, and the bottom. If you are planning on installing your top over a substrate of any kind, please be sure to add a few washers so that air can move freely beneath the top.

Has your top recently moved from one state to another? There is a chance that humidity levels in the air has caused the top to gain or lose moisture. Place the butcher block indoors on a pair of sawhorses, with the warp faced down. As the wood acclimates to its new environment, it will straighten.

While these are all common conditions that may cause warp, there are others. In the end, an imbalance of moisture from top to bottom is the cause of warp. Bringing the moisture levels back to normal will return the top to flat.

Cutting Board Care

123Wooden cutting boards are one of the most used and beloved of kitchen tools. If kept clean and maintained, a cutting board can last for generations.

  • Never soak your boards in water or put them in a dishwasher, or they will crack or warp. Wood is naturally antimicrobial, meaning that the wood will naturally kill the food-born bacteria that make you sick. If you feel the need to clean your board to ensure against contamination, try a weak bleach solution or hydrogen peroxide after using your board instead of the dishwasher.
  • Wood boards need oil to keep them from drying out. Boards should be oiled on a weekly basis until they are ‘seasoned’, then bi-monthly. Most oils, however, are prone to rancidity. Stick to mineral oil, a food-safe product that can be purchased in almost every kitchen supply store. You can also our Emmet’s Elixir (see sidebar).

Refinishing an old cutting board is simple. Allow the board to completely dry before sanding with a 50-grit sandpaper. Once all the top layer of wood is removed and the scratches are buffed out, follow with a 100-grit sandpaper to smooth the surface. Oil your cutting board and you have a brand new cutting surface.