The services your supplier provides should be a key differentiator in why you do business with them. At H. J. Oldenkamp, we make every effort to not only provide the best service in the industry, but to continually improve upon our services. Whether your business values our overall customer service efforts, our logistics and warehousing expertise, our comprehensive sales and product training, or other services that distinguish us from our competition, our mission is to provide you with the services you value most – and provide them better than anyone in the industry. The following are some of the key services provided by H. J. Oldenkamp. If there is a service you need, but we are not providing, let us know by clicking on the “Contact Us” link. Your feedback is very important to us. Please click on any of the links below to learn more about the services offered by the H. J. Oldenkamp Company.

Thank you for making H. J. Oldenkamp your specialty building products source.

Delivery & Warehousing

With over 100,000 square feet of warehouse area for product inventory and staging in southeast Michigan and another 20,000 square feet at our Madison Alabama location, H. J. Oldenkamp is prepared to handle all your logistics needs. Offering multiple delivery and pick-up options for our products, we make every effort to help make your projects run more smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is to have what you need, when you need it.

  • Multiple delivery days to all of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee
  • 1st floor, indoor jobsite delivery available
  • In-stock cabinetry in popular colors and wood species
  • Staging for your entire cabinet job for up to 30 days; delivery when you really need it
  • 100+ colors of Corian® Solid Surface sheets and 15+ styles of Corian® sinks/lavatories in inventory
  • Over 50 colors of Corian® Quartz slabs in inventory
  • Over 200 colors of Arborite Decorative Laminate sheets in inventory
  • Factory direct delivery for qualifying projects – reducing shipping costs and lead times
  • Convenient hours for Customer Pick up

Customer Service

H. J. Oldenkamp has a long-standing commitment to deliver the best customer service possible. We believe that every team member at H. J. Oldenkamp has the ability to positively impact a customer’s experience with us.

  • Convenient hours for customers to place orders and for customers to pick up products
  • Technical support for all our products
  • Fast, friendly service
  • Commitment to accommodating our customer’s needs whenever possible
  • Over 100 years of experience in our customer service team
  • Over 150 years of experience in our sales team
  • Over 200 years of experience in our warehouse and delivery team

Samples & Literature

H. J. Oldenkamp understands the need for samples and literature and is committed to ensuring those items are available to help make your final product selections easier. Whether single samples for homeowners, or bulk orders for re-sellers, Oldenkamp is here to help meet your sample and literature needs.

  • Samples & literature in-stock and ready for delivery or conveniently available for pick-up
  • Samples of all our countertop and surfaces products in many different shapes and sizes
  • Cabinet wood chips, sample doors and sample door fronts (DFA’s) for all our cabinet lines
  • Sampling devices, wall boards and selection centers are available for many of our products, helping our customers to display their samples in an attractive and efficient manner
  • Literature is readily available for all the products we carry and is easy to order

Sales & Marketing Support

The H. J. Oldenkamp Co. sales team is ready to help our customer capture more sales through our various sales and marketing programs. Whether delivering an incentive to the sales associate to sell more products or providing the consumer a reason to purchase, these programs are designed to help you take advantage of what we offer and to improve your business.

  • Lead generation and sharing – helping drive more potential clients to your door
  • We provide display and mockup support for our cabinet and surfacing offerings
  • We provide product promotions and specials on many of our products at different times throughout the year – helping you capture more business during the various consumer buying cycles
  • Advertising  advice and support
  • Home Show support
  • Participation on our H. J. Oldenkamp website “retailer locator” for qualifying customers

Sales & Product Training

Both sales training and product training are critical components to success in this industry. H. J. Oldenkamp has a long history of providing both to our customers. Whether individual one-on-one training or large-scale group training sessions, we are committed to delivering the training you need so you can excel at serving your own clients.

  • Delivery of qualified CEU presentations
  • “Lunch & Learn” Product Training Sessions, convenient for both you and your staff
  • Coordinate / facilitate manufacturer sponsored training sessions
  • Deliver fabrication training for our countertop products
  • Individual or group training sessions can be done conveniently at your location

Architect/Designer/Specifier Services

Our H. J. Oldenkamp commercial sales teams are experts in assisting our commercial customers with all their specification needs.

  • Design assistance, specification writing assistance and product selection assistance
  • Budgetary quoting and pricing
  • Project referrals and reference for all our products
  • LEED and FSC information
  • CEU Presentations and Lunch & Learn Sessions

Wholesale Showroom

For those customers within close enough proximity, we welcome you to use our Royal Oak, Michigan, showroom as if it were your own. We offer the industry’s name brand products in a professionally designed space – which is specifically designed to help you satisfy your client’s needs and generate more sales. As a “wholesale only” distributor, H. J. Oldenkamp does not service the general public or retail consumer; however, your client will always be welcome to accompany you while you visit our showroom. We offer a full array of cabinetry and surfacing materials – all on display for your convenience. Our goal is to make it easy for you and your customer.

  • Kitchen and bath displays featuring our cabinet and countertop options
  • Cabinet Selection Centers which exhibit a vast array of door styles and finishes
  • Surface sampling devices for assistance in product selections

Phone: (586) 756-0600
Toll Free: (800) 462-6047
Fax: (586) 756-1045

Design Assistance

H. J. Oldenkamp’s sales and customer service teams can assist our customers with their kitchen and bath design – helping them deliver more accurate quotes and sell more projects.

  • Convert hand-drawn designs to electronic floor plans, elevations, perspectives and product lists
  • Provide floor plans, elevations and cabinet lists for multi-unit projects
  • Provide take-offs of architectural drawings for commercial projects
  • Provide fabricator recommendations for all our surfacing products
  • Provide 20-20 e-catalogs for our cabinetry products through our H. J. Oldenkamp website

Customer Credit

One of the most valuable services H. J. Oldenkamp can provide for qualifying customers is the extension of credit. When purchasing on a COD basis isn’t enough, our credit manager is available to help you with our credit application process.

One of the services our customers value is the assistance we provide with the commercial lien and bonding procedure and processes. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our H. J. Oldenkamp credit services.

Product Warranty

All of our products at H. J. Oldenkamp are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty for product performance. If ever needed, H. J. Oldenkamp is here to assist our customers with the warranty and claim resolution process.

  • Corian® Solid Surface and Corian® Quartz carry a 10-Year Transferable, Installed Corian® Warranty for residential installations or 10-Year Product Warranty on commercial installations
  • Masco Brands – Merillat and Quality Cabinets boast warranties from 1-Year on their basic lines to a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Merillat Masterpiece line of cabinetry
  • Although most of our products exceed it, all products carried by H. J. Oldenkamp carry a minimum of a 1-Year Warranty
  • You can sell with confidence knowing your products are backed by the industry’s leaders

Environmental Stewardship

H. J. Oldenkamp is committed to helping our customers meet their environmental stewardship goals. Having reduced our own environmental footprint through aggressive internal initiatives, we understand the needs of our customers and their clients to reduce their footprints and to follow the guidelines required to deliver “green” projects.

Multi-Unit Housing Services

H. J. Oldenkamp’s sales team is prepared to help our customers in supplying all the services required to win multi-unit projects – both large and small.

  • Jobsite assistance – measuring, product and design recommendations for cabinets & countertops
  • Design assistance – including take-offs and providing floor plan and elevation drawings
  • Project quoting using multiple cabinet and countertop options for budgetary planning
  • Warehousing, staging and jobsite delivery of products