Bally Block Wood Welded Tops

For Homeowners

Since 1881, Bally Block Co. has been at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality butcher block products. Their Wood Welded Butcher Block line, featuring kitchen countertops, islands, cutting boards, and dining table tops, showcases the finest in both End Grain and Edge Grain options. These products are designed to withstand the demands of daily use, making them a favorite in kitchens and dining areas around the world.

Offering a variety of standard and fully custom configurations across seven distinctive wood species, Bally Block butcher blocks can enhance any design project. While H.J. Oldenkamp Co. proudly distributes these exceptional surfaces, please note that our sales are exclusively wholesale. We invite homeowners interested in our butcher block solutions to visit our “Find a Dealer” section to locate a retail partner in your area.

For retailers and industry professionals, discover the durability and beauty of Bally Block products. Connect with H.J. Oldenkamp Co. to explore wholesale opportunities and enhance your offerings.

For Residential Trades

At H.J. Oldenkamp Co., we recognize that today’s kitchens are central to home life, serving as spaces for both creativity and daily activity. We provide durable, aesthetically pleasing wood countertops that enhance any kitchen or bath design. Our Wood Welded® butcher block surfaces are available in a variety of wood species, sizes, and styles, customized to meet your specific design needs.

We offer a selection of standard block tops and round cutting boards ready for immediate delivery, complemented by comprehensive sales support including samples and brochures. Trust H.J. Oldenkamp to bring the natural beauty and functionality of wood to your next project.

Explore our range and order your samples today to see how our solutions can elevate your designs! Visit our Resources page or contact our sales team to get started.

For Commercial Trades

As work environments evolve, the demand for office spaces that combine productivity with comfort is increasing. At H.J. Oldenkamp Co., we recommend wood for its natural warmth, beauty, and durability, making it ideal for enhancing office aesthetics and functionality.

Our Wood Welded® butcher block surfaces by Bally Block Co. are perfect for various office designs, whether standalone or paired with other materials. Celebrating over 125 years of craftsmanship, Bally Block offers a wide range of customizable butcher block products suited for office furniture, bench tops, and food service equipment.

Explore the possibilities with H.J. Oldenkamp and find the ideal wood surfaces for your workspace. Contact us today to learn more and begin your custom project.

Enhance your office environment with our butcher block solutions. Visit our store or get in touch for tailored assistance.

Become a Partner/Customer

As a “wholesale only” distributor, H. J. Oldenkamp has been providing products to the building and interior finishes industry since 1946. We have a long history of serving manufacturers, fabricators, millhouses, builders, remodelers, retailers, and cabinet and countertop shops with name-brand products and high-quality service. Applying for an account is easy and ensures a relationship with one of the premier building products distributors – the H. J. Oldenkamp Company.

To open an account with H.J. Oldenkamp click on the appropriate application for your state, fill out the application, submit the completed application, and confirm your business email, we will begin processing your account.

Resources & Information

Find more information, downloadable PDFs, and additional resources on our resources page.

Available Wood Species

Black Walnut
Red Oak

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