The design of educational environments plays an important role in the life of students and should support their development and success. In these situations, form and function are exceedingly important. Whether it’s for a dorm room, a library, or a science lab, we can provide functional, stain resistant, and versatile products from leading brands.

stain resistant

Stain Resistant



heat resistant

Heat Resistant



easy to clean

Easy To Clean

food safe

Food Safe

Corian® Solid Surface

Corian® Solid Surface is 100% acrylic solid surface for multiple applications. Design it. Carve it. Shape it. Route it. Thermoform it. Design concepts are limitless with Corian® Solid Surface. Choose from over 100 trend setting tones and patterns in stock at H. J. Oldenkamp Company. Corian® meets or exceeds most industry standards for the commercial built environment.

easy to clean

Easy To Clean





air quality

GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified

fire rated

Fire Rated Laminate

Arborite Decorative Laminates

Engineered with pure quartz crystals, Corian® Quartz is an advanced composite material that lets you bring the best of both worlds – nature and science – to all your designs. Explore the drama and beauty of nature without sacrificing the performance of science.

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