Environmental Stewardship

H. J. Oldenkamp Co. Product’s Environmental Statements

Arborite Laminates

All Arborite Laminates are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified. For you, this means that all Arborite products are guaranteed low-emissions materials designed to protect the environment and those around you.

Michigan Maple Butcher Block

The environment is an important consideration for Michigan Maple Block Company and Bally Block Company. Wood, being their business makes them acutely aware of issues regarding forestry and the health of the planet in general. The company’s decision to produce Wood Welded Butcher Block from Lyptus was heavily influenced by these factors. Lyptus is considered a “Green” product and is grown on plantations. This method of forestry more closely resembles farming than some forms of commercial logging.

Cabinetworks – Merillat® & QualityCabinets®

Cabinetworks has been granted an Environmental Stewardship Program certificate by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association.

Corian® Solid Surface Terra Collection

In addition to GREENGUARD® certifications, the Corian® Solid Surface Terra Collection has been certified by Scientific Certification Systems to contain at least 6% – 13% pre-consumer recycled content, including some colors that contain at least 20%. The Terra Collection may help contribute towards U.S. Green Building Council LEED® points for Materials and Resources (MR) Building Reuse, MR Regional Materials, Environmental Quality (EQ) Low Emitting Materials – Adhesives and Sealants. In addition, DuPont has achieved zero landfill status in its Building Innovations business by reducing, reusing and recycling manufacturing by-products and waste at manufacturing sites globally.

H. J. Oldenkamp Company has embraced the green movement with many eco-friendly enhancements to our warehouse facility.

Environmental stewardship is a part of the culture of H. J. Oldenkamp. We recognize our ongoing responsibility to be good corporate citizens and stewards of the environment.
As part of this ongoing commitment, we maintain policies and practices to ensure we are a leader in the industry and in environmental stewardship.

We are always looking for fiscally responsible ways to do our part to help keep the earth a greener place.

high efficiency lighting

High efficiency lighting

This new high output, low power consumption lighting gives us significantly more light, with about one-third the number of fixtures, while at the same time cutting our current power consumption by almost half.

motion activated

Motion activated lighting

In addition to the efficient lighting, we have taken additional steps to reduce our carbon footprint by adding motion sensor controls to all of our interior lighting. This provides more strategic lighting to areas that we occupy while keeping unoccupied areas unlit.

Enhanced insulation and reflective roof surface

On almost half of our roof surfaces, we have more than doubled the amount of insulation, increasing our R-factor rating to above minimum code requirements. In conjunction with insulating, we have used industry leading materials that are manufactured here, in Michigan, to create a reflective surface that aids in both the heating and cooling of the facility.