London Royal

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London Royal

The Corian Quartz color London Royal elegantly captures the essence of regal sophistication with its refined gray hue and delicate, effervescent aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from grand architectural feats and classic sculptures, this quartz surface embodies a blend of time-honored beauty and contemporary charm. The subtle gray base is enlivened by bold, dark gray veins and scattered light particulates, adding depth and interest to its overall appearance.

Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, London Royal offers a design that is both noble and versatile. It can seamlessly integrate into a variety of decor styles, from the more traditional to the distinctly modern. Available in multiple thicknesses and dimensions to accommodate different design and architectural requirements, London Royal is perfect for creating sophisticated countertops, striking feature walls, and elegant flooring. This quartz color not only promises visual appeal but also durability and maintenance ease, making it a practical choice for high-traffic areas.

Slab Details

Dimensions: 63” x 120”

Thickness: 2cm & 3cm

Finishes: Polished

Group 2