Provence Nuwood

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Provence Nuwood

The Corian® Solid Surface in Provence Nuwood presents a beautifully robust and versatile aesthetic, ideal for crafting inviting and sophisticated spaces. Characterized by its deep, rich pigmentation and distinctive, randomly patterned linear veins, each slab of Provence Nuwood is unique, bringing a personalized touch to every design. While variations in vein intensity may accentuate seams, this adds to the natural appeal, mirroring the authentic variations found in real wood. Provence Nuwood, although requiring a bit of extra maintenance to keep its stunning appearance pristine, is perfect for those looking to infuse a touch of nature-inspired luxury into their projects.

Please note that the sample you view may not fully represent the complete aesthetic allure of Provence Nuwood. For a true representation, visit or contact your Corian® sales representative to explore the full range of possibilities and to find the ideal solution that meets your design needs. Whether upgrading a commercial space or enhancing a residential setting, Corian® Solid Surface in Provence Nuwood offers durability and style, ensuring your projects stand out with an unparalleled sophistication.

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