Storm Grey

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Storm Grey

Discover the understated elegance of Corian Quartz in Storm Grey, a captivating choice for modern interiors. This color features a deep, dark grey base that is both bold and versatile, complemented by subtle tone-on-tone elements that enrich the design without overpowering. The delicate variations in shading infuse a gentle dynamism, making Storm Grey an excellent choice for creating sophisticated countertops, vanities, and large surface installations in both residential and commercial settings.

Available in various slab sizes to accommodate different design scopes, Storm Grey offers durability and easy maintenance, which are hallmarks of Corian Quartz products. Perfect for those looking to achieve a seamless and contemporary aesthetic, this quartz surface combines timeless style with practical performance, ensuring it remains a favored option for designers and architects aiming to optimize both function and form in their projects.

Slab Details

Dimensions: 63” x 120” and 65″ x 130″

Thickness: 2cm & 3cm


Polished – Group 1

Leathered – Group 3