Stonecrest Smoke

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Stonecrest Smoke

Introducing the captivating allure of Corian® Solid Surface in Stonecrest Smoke, a contemporary choice that transforms any architectural space into a statement of style. Ideal for both commercial and residential applications, Stonecrest Smoke boasts random diagonal veins that add depth and movement, enhancing the visual dynamics of countertops, workspaces, and more. The unique pattern variations in vein intensity may highlight seams, offering a distinct character to each installation. To ensure alignment with your specific aesthetic preferences, we recommend viewing full-sized samples as smaller samples may not fully capture the complete essence of Stonecrest Smoke. For more information and to view the product firsthand, visit or contact your Corian® sales representative.

Discover the versatility and aesthetic appeal of Stonecrest Smoke from Corian® Solid Surface. As each piece showcases a variety of vein intensities and patterns, it ensures that no two installations are exactly alike, providing a truly customized look. Perfect for designers aiming to create spaces with a modern edge and individuality, this material not only promises durability and easy maintenance but also meets the creative demands of the most discerning architects and designers. Remember, variations in joint visibility and vein patterns contribute to the uniqueness of the design, enhancing the natural beauty of your chosen application.

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