Tahitian Sand

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Tahitian Sand

The Corian Quartz color Tahitian Sand is a profoundly elegant and dramatic choice, characterized by its dense, rich, and pure black hue that exudes high-end style. This gleaming, timeless color is designed to make a bold statement in any space, providing a backdrop that amplifies the sophistication and depth of the surrounding design elements.

Tahitian Sand is an ideal selection for creating striking contrast in interiors, whether paired with bright whites, metallic finishes, or natural woods. Its pure black color serves as a perfect canvas for both minimalistic and lavish designs, making it highly sought after for luxurious kitchen countertops, opulent bathroom vanities, and impactful commercial environments.

Beyond its dramatic visual appeal, Tahitian Sand offers outstanding durability and practicality. Resistant to stains and scratches, this quartz surface is engineered to maintain its lustrous appearance even in high-traffic areas. It is available in various slab sizes and thicknesses, ensuring versatility in application and installation. Tahitian Sand is not only a visually captivating choice but also a functional one, promising long-lasting elegance and style in any setting.

Slab Details

Dimensions: 65” x 130”

Thickness: 2cm & 3cm

Finishes: Polished

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