Windswept Prima

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Windswept Prima

Explore the natural elegance of Corian Solid Surface in Windswept Prima, a stunning choice for architects and designers aiming to infuse spaces with a touch of sophistication. This exquisite color features a flowing, dynamic pattern that mimics the graceful movements of wind-swept sand, creating an organic, soothing ambiance. Perfect for both residential and commercial environments, Windswept Prima offers unmatched versatility. Its durable, non-porous surface resists stains and pathogens, making it ideal for high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and healthcare facilities. With its seamless integration capabilities, it allows for sleek, continuous designs that are both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Windswept Prima by Corian Solid Surface is designed to cater to the contemporary needs of the Architecture and Design industry, offering a blend of performance and premium aesthetics. The unique, intricate patterns of Windswept Prima add depth and interest to any space, promoting a serene and welcoming atmosphere. This solid surface solution is not only visually striking but also easy to maintain and repair, ensuring that it remains as timeless as your designs. Opt for Corian Solid Surface in Windswept Prima to elevate your projects with beauty that withstands the demands of daily life.

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