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Under-sink damage has been experience by over 35% of homeowners.

According to a recent survey, durability is the number one attribute homeowners want in the cabinet under their kitchen sink. It also has to be easy to clean and work hard at protecting their investment. Merillat has taken a common problem – under-sink damage caused by minor leaks, drips and spills – and turned it into an innovative, game changing solution. Introducing the CoreGuard™ Sink Base – available now in Merillat Classic® cabinetry.


Merillat Masterpiece – The Whisper Touch™ System

The Whisper Touch™ System – Our Silent Partners

No more slamming! Introducing the Whisper Touch™ System from Merillat Masterpiece—the latest innovation in soft close door and drawer technology. Building on the success of their popular soft close drawers, the Whisper Touch™ System now includes a new hinge that closes cabinet doors quietly every time. The Whisper Touch™ System now comes standard on all Merillat Masterpiece® cabinetry.



The Whisper Touch™ System

Introducing the Whisper Touch™ Hinge from Merillat Masterpiece
This new soft-close solution is integrated into the hinge, eliminating the need for a separate buffer on each door. This concealed soft-close solution provides gentle and quiet closing of cabinet doors each and every time. The 6-way adjustment feature provides quick and easy fitting to each door frame.

Some of the benefits of this new and innovative feature include…


The DuPont Building Innovations “Drive to Zero” Initiative

DuPont has achieved zero landfill status in its Building Innovations business by reducing, reusing and recycling manufacturing by-products and waste at manufacturing sites globally.