Under-sink damage has been experience by over 35% of homeowners.

According to a recent survey, durability is the number one attribute homeowners want in the cabinet under their kitchen sink.  It also has to be easy to clean and work hard at protecting their investment.  Merillat has taken a common problem – under-sink damage caused by minor leaks, drips and spills – and turned it into an innovative, game changing solution.  Introducing the CoreGuard™ Sink Base – available now in Merillat Classic® cabinetry.

The CoreGuard™ Sink Base completely rethinks the traditional sink base cabinet by specifically addressing issues such as minor spills and plumbing leaks.  With the exception of the cabinet’s face, frame and door assembly, all the wood materials typically used in construction have been replaced with an engineered, non-absorbent polymer material making it easier to clean and maintain.  The floor’s ribbed design slopes toward the front of the cabinet and helps keep bottles and boxes slightly elevated to minimize damage while allowing fluids to run to the front of the cabinet where they are more noticeable.  The CoreGuard™ Sink Base can hold more than two gallons of fluid which can also help protect your flooring and surrounding areas from damage.

The revolutionary CoreGuard™ Sink Base is just one example of the many smart solutions Merillat has developed for the way people live in their kitchens.  For more information on the CoreGuard™ Sink Base, view the CoreGuard™ Sink Base video.

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