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Industry Updates

Interior Design: The Element of Texture

Texture: Tactile vs. Visual

The wonderful thing about texture is that there is more than one type; tactile and visual. Let’s distinguish the two…


Tactile textures are the ones you can feel with your hands, such as smooth, rough, or soft textures. 

Product Example: M.R. Walls

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Visual textures are implied, for example: patterns printed on fabric, or variations in color on a surface that make it look as if it has a texture. 

Product Example: Corian Solid Surface

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Interior Design Pro Tip:

Use more than one kind of texture in your space to create harmony by variety. 


Natural Textures

Using the textures naturally found on plants is a great way to add some texture AND fresh air into your home. 

House Friendly Plants

These plants are good for your home in more ways than one. Plants are a great source of texture and are very cost effective! Also, plants act as a natural air filter, so coming home will really be a breath of fresh air. 


1.) Snake Plant

These lovely serpent shaped plants are a great addition to any room. 


2.) Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is thought to bring you good luck in China. 


3.) Weeping Fig

This plant is sure to bring tears to your eyes…from its beauty of course. 


Artificial Textures

Objects that aren’t ‘works of nature’ work just as well for displaying lovely textures in your space. 

1.) Add Some Fluff

Faux fur rugs, soft blankets, or even textured wall art add irregularity to your home interior. 

2.) Get Rough

Just like life, not everything is smooth. Go ahead and add some rough textures. 

Smooth Textures

For those who can’t resist clean lines and flat surfaces, we understand. Here are some interior design tips to create interest when using similar textured surfaces. 

Change the Finish 

A way to create some differences in a flat space is changing the finish of the surface. 

1.) Matte

Having a dull or lusterless surface: Matte paint, a matte complexion, a photograph with a matte finish.




2.) Eggshell

Having less or no gloss: Eggshell white paint. 





3.) Glossy

Having a shiny or lustrous surface: Tile or backsplash.





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34 Must See Decorative Laminate Designs for 2020

A Collection of Laminate Solutions for all Projects

Hot off the presses from Arborite, the new 2020 decorative laminate launch encompasses a variety of colors and finishes that every architect and designer will L-O-V-E.

As quoted from Arborite, this new collection features 34 designs all of which were crafted with careful attention to scale, color, and movement to ensure they complement current and emerging trends. This new collection is timeless and minimalist. The subtle woodgrains and small-scale abstract patterns work well with a variety of other materials to create a truly harmonious space. 

With the 34 new designs, there are 21 colors that respond to the latest European trends. The lighter wood tones invoke Scandinavian sensibilities while the grey, charcoal, and mid-tone brown woodgrains designs replace the orange/cognac colored woods.

There are also 13 abstract patterns, all of which were inspired by fabric and geometric patterns.

With this launch, there are two new finishes that are a revolution to decorative laminates. These two new finishes are Casual Wood (CW) and Artisan Wood (AW). The CW finish creates a matte look, while AW is an embossed finish with texture.  

Arborite is also pleased to announce PURE. Available in 4 colors, PURE provides a luxurious, velvety texture with fingerprint-resistant technology allowing surfaces to remain fingerprint and smudge-free – truly incredible!

Arborite New Collection 2020

Discover Even More About These New Decorative Laminate Colors

The new abstract patterns include:

Denim which features a diagonal ribbing similar to that of jeans. This collection comes in warm neutrals and traditional blues. 

Illusion incorporates both organic woodgrain elements and abstract geometric small-scale shapes.  

Chambray blends an organic, fiber look with woodgrains and is offered in neutral tones.

City looks like intersecting streets in a metropolitan landscape, and balances movement for a sophisticated look.

The new woodgrains feature:

Artisan Walnut which encompasses the elegant grains of walnut wood with the embossed AW finish.

Contemporary Maple is built with warm and cool undertones to create a more modern maple look.

Scandinavian Ash has a soothing design that harmonizes very well with bolder patterns and brighter colors. 

Arcadian Oak has a subtle grain and gentle coloration to create that perfect light wood look.

Nordic Wood encompasses a minimalist looking grain with the low sheen CW finish which helps to add visual interest.

Samples are available to order on You can also click here to learn more about Arborite Decorative Laminate or you can call our Customer Service Department today at 1-800-462-6047. 


Top 2020 Design Trends for Kitchen & Bath

It’s almost 2020! While we don’t have flying cars just yet, there are some futuristic kitchen and bath trends that designers are predicting to see in 2020.

From smart devices to “wellness” areas to storage solutions, the team at H.J. Oldenkamp Company is breaking down the newest kitchen trends for 2020.

Macro 2020 Residential Kitchen Trends

According to Jamie Gold’s Forbes Article “2020 Residential Design Forecast: 3 Macro Trends Drive Kitchen And Bath Preferences,” there are three big trends that homeowners want incorporated into their designs.

1.Technology. From home automation to Alexa and OK Google, smart devices definitely influence home life. It’s no surprise that homeowners want a similar type of technology incorporated into their kitchen and bathrooms. However, this technology needs to be practical and streamlined so it truly helps homeowners. For example, one useful piece of technology is adding heated floors to bathrooms.

2. Efficiency & Convenience. Kitchen and bath designs will focus more on efficiency, convenience, and making life easier. Tying in with the above trend, homeowners are looking for all-in-one washers and dryers, and other appliances that will make a space and life more convenient. 

3. Wellness. With a focus on enjoying moments with family and friends, adding “wellness” into a space allows people to relax. How can that be incorporated? Through healthier food appliances such as ones that offer a steam option. Skylights are another option that provide a “wellness” approach to residential design. 

Newest Kitchen Trends for 2020

By understanding the values and priorities homeowners bring to kitchen and bath decisions, it’s much easier to design the perfect space for them. 

In another installment of this Forbes article, Jamie Gold talks about some the newest kitchen trends for 2020:

Space and Layout

Before any selections are made, designers and homeowners will first focus on a room’s overall layout and creating semi-open spaces that are ideal for engaging with family and friends. 

Decorative archways will serve as defining “zones”, and more islands and large windows will be incorporated into kitchens. 


Storage solutions include drawers with customized inserts, floating shelves, glass cabinets doors, and islands with charging stations.

Another key trend when it comes to storage solutions is “hidden.” For example, appliances such as coffee makers are now hidden in kitchens instead of being a focal point on the countertop. 

Fabuwood Cutlery Drawers

Soft close drawers and drawers will still remain as popular as ever, while under-cabinet lighting will rise in popularity. 

From a style perspective, white, shaker doors are still on-trend; however, some homeowners might be bold and add black, walnut, or a bold color to their overall kitchen design. 

Countertops & Flooring

Industry experts are predicting that quartz will overtake granite. Providing a sleeker and more modern look, quartz is now becoming incorporated into bar and island overhangs in addition to kitchen and vanity countertops. With a variety of colors and designs, it’s easy to see why this trend is on the upswing. 

Sinks & Hardware

“Smart” faucets with motion and hands-free technology will be all the rage. Sinks and faucets that are pre-programmed to use only a certain amount of water is the newest trend that homeowners are looking for. 

From a style perspective, integrated sinks with black and gold accents are the huge trend for 2020.

Newest Bathroom Trends for 2020

What will we see in 2020 for bathroom trends?

Space and Layout

Bathrooms get bigger to incorporate more spa-like features such as freestanding tubs, or wide open showers. Bathrooms will start to become more of a living space for personal pampering. 


Floating vanities will be huge. Not only do they provide more flexibility in a space but they give off a contemporary feel. 

Another trend is a combination of both open and closed cabinets. These will be used to hide clutter and show off attractive bottles to help create an open and inviting space. 

From a style perspective, antique glass, and natural and matte wood finishes will be a top trend.


Soft colors such as whites, greys, taupes, and nature-inspired hues are still trending. Even blues, greens, and marble-looking material are incorporated into bathrooms. 

Terrazzo is on-trend again and is a soothing and restful color that can be easily incorporated into bathroom designs. 

Sinks, Faucets & Showers

Bathroom technology = self-care. Homeowners are willing to spend more money to ensure their bathroom completely meets their needs. From bathtubs with a control for water temperature to neck massages, and self-closing toilet lids, spa-like and convenience features are becoming very popular in baths. 

Hands-free faucets and leak detection are also newer features that homeowners are looking to incorporate into bathrooms.

From an aesthetic standpoint, mixed metals and materials, and extotic-looking stone are the way of the future.

And, there you have it! Some of the hottest and newest kitchen and bath trends for 2020. 


7 New Arborite Designs You Must See Now

The H.J. Oldenkamp Company is excited to announce the expansion of the Maison residential Collection at Arborite®. The kitchen still very much remains the heart and soul of a home, yet some of the roles of the kitchen have shifted. While it still remains as a place for home chefs to cook up delicious meals, the emergence of kitchen islands have turned kitchens into a place for gathering and entertaining. The recently launched designs at Arborite® feature a variety of colors and patterns in laminate texture that will add both beauty and durability to countertops. 

Arborite 7 New Residential Designs

Featuring two series of laminate texture in the Maison collection, these new designs add six new patterns to the Panorama Collection, one new design to the Welcome Homes series, and a new Ultra Smooth (UL) finish to select designs. Continue reading to learn more about the 7 new Arborite designs you must see now. 

7 New Laminate Texture Designs

The neutral warm new tones of the Panorama collection create a realistic stone look for a fraction of the cost. Inspired by rustic charm, nature, and classic marbling, these four new patterns certainly won’t disappoint:

  • Terrazzo Grande (P1014)
  • Nuvolato Marble (P1013)
  • Dreamcatcher (P1018)
  • Carrara Venato (P1015)

With the rise of urban and industrial living, Arborite® introduced two new designs that add texture and classic beauty to a space:

  • Baroque Soapstone (P1017)
  • Versailles Marble (P1016)

The Welcome Home Collection adds one new laminate texture. Monolith (P407) is a neutral, grey stone-like design that adds subtle character and movement. 

Select designs will also be available in Arborite®’s new Ultra Smooth (UL) finish, which is a burnished texture that helps to amplify light, movement, and enhance the depth of color. 

Just like with any new product introduction, Arborite® has also discontinued some colors and patterns. To see a full list of everything that’s been discontinued, please click here

All About Arborite®

Montreal-based, Arborite® has been supplying decorative high-pressure laminates to the design community since 1947. Excelling in a range of premium textures in over 200 colors and patterns, Arborite® has a solid reputation and is known to provide excellent design and top quality materials. Plus, all laminates are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified, and over 80% of their product offering is certified by the FSC. 

The H.J. Oldenkamp Company has been delivering laminate texture in Michigan for over 50 years, and have quickly become the premier distributor of Arborite®. We have a variety of colors and finishes in stock and ready for immediately delivery. You can view the entire selection of Arborite® Laminate colors, patterns and textures at For samples, sample chains, and literature, please feel free to call our Customer Service Department at 800-462-6047.


This Just In: New Remodeling and Building Products

The Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan (HBA) recently published an article about new building and remodeling products. With more and more getting introduced each year, some building products help to solve age-old building challenges with new technology while others are designed to enhance the beauty of homes. 

Our Showroom Manager and Supervisor, April Parker, was one of the industry experts interviewed for this article, and was able to talk about some of H.J. Oldenkamp Company’s favorite innovative wall coverings.

The first product mentioned was plankwise® interior hardwood wall coverings, which is a Michigan-based company. Made with real wood veneer, plankwise® creates a high-end feel to any type of space for a very moderate price. A great way to add plankwise® to your space is through vertical or ceiling applications. Available in Maple, Walnut, White Oak, Grays Reef, and Whiskey, this product has a tongue and groove design for easy installation and comes in two sizes.

Building products such as plankwise interior hardwood wall coverings are new to the marketplace.

Another product mentioned was ATI Decorative Laminates. Using the MirroFlex™ Structures, you can use this building product for walls, ceilings, and backsplashes. ATI is made out of plastic composite materials that closely resemble metals, like stainless steel. In fact, they are so realistic that it’s very hard to tell that they aren’t made of metal. 

ATI provides a building product that looks like metal.

The last favorite innovative wall coverings April talked about was M.R. Walls. Being a great showpiece on a wall in either a hotel or office, artist Mario Romano uses a Corian® Solid Surface to carve out an incredible art piece that’s usually based on the client’s vision. This work is extremely eye catching and has a lot of designers and architects talking about the creativity and versatility of it.

M.R. Walls is an innovative building product taking the industry by storm.

To read the entire article, please click here

To learn more about the H.J. Oldenkamp Company and our building products, please contact our team today. 


Market Leaders Spotlight: Ola Yoder, Kountry Wood Products

The CEO of Kountry Wood Products, Ola Yoder, is featured in Woodworking Network’s October 2018 Issue of FDMC.

In this feature, Yoder talks about his 50 years of experience in the industry along with the 20+ years of history at Kountry Wood Products. Yoder credits the success of Kountry Wood Products on his management team, employees, and customer base which is very evident in his communications and benefits package. Yoder is also heavily involved with several local community service organizations including Big Brothers & Big Sisters and the Boys & Girls Club of Nappanee. The heart of the company lies in giving back, “we’re very much a believer in helping people out, not only in our local community but also abroad too” states Yoder.

Kountry Wood Products Quote

These are just a few of the many reasons why we are honored to have Kountry Wood Products in our cabinet lineup. From 1998, Kountry Wood Products has been producing top-quality cabinets, selling them at reasonable prices, and a quality product, and giving customers “white glove” service.

At H.J. Oldenkamp, we are pleased to announce that we stock Kountry Wood Product’s Harmony door style in Lava Cherry finish, making us your perfect go-to source for your next delivery or immediate pick-up. For more information or to get started on a Kountry Wood Product quote, please either contact our Customer Service Team or your H. J. Oldenkamp Sales Representative.

To read the full issue of FDMC, click here.

To learn more about H.J. Oldenkamp and why you should choose us for all of your cabinet and counter top needs, please read our ‘About Us‘ page. With over 70 years of experience, we have a very talented team that are all dedicated to making sure you have the products and knowledge you need. We are happy to assist you on your next project.