Top 2020 Design Trends for Kitchen & Bath

From smart devices to “wellness” areas to storage solutions, the team at H.J. Oldenkamp Company is breaking down the newest kitchen trends for 2020.

Macro 2020 Residential Kitchen Trends

According to Jamie Gold’s Forbes Article “2020 Residential Design Forecast: 3 Macro Trends Drive Kitchen And Bath Preferences,” there are three big trends that homeowners want to see into their designs.

1.Technology: Smart devices definitely influence home life. It’s no surprise that homeowners want a similar type of technology in their kitchens and bathrooms. This technology should serve to truly help homeowners. For example, one useful piece of technology is adding heated floors to bathrooms.

2. Efficiency & Convenience: Kitchen and bath designs will focus more on efficiency and convenience. Homeowners are looking for all-in-one washers and dryers, and other appliances that will make life more convenient. 

3. Wellness: With a focus on enjoying moments with family and friends, adding “wellness” into a space allows people to relax. How can that be incorporated? Through healthier food appliances such as ones that offer a steam option. Skylights are another option that provide a “wellness” approach to residential design. 

Newest Kitchen Trends for 2020

By understanding the values and priorities homeowners bring to kitchen and bath decisions, it’s much easier to design the perfect space for them. 

In another installment of this Forbes article, Jamie Gold talks about some the newest kitchen trends for 2020:

Space and Layout

Before any selections are made, designers and homeowners should focus on a room’s overall layout.

Decorative archways will serve as defining “zones”, and more islands and large windows will be incorporated into kitchens. 


Storage solutions include drawers with customized inserts, floating shelves, glass cabinets doors, and islands with charging stations.

Another key trend when it comes to storage solutions is “hidden.” For example, appliances such as coffee makers are now hidden in kitchens instead of being on the countertop. 

Fabuwood Cutlery Drawers

Soft close drawers and drawers will still remain popular, while under-cabinet lighting will rise in popularity. 

From a style perspective, white, shaker doors are still on-trend. However, some homeowners might be bold and add black, walnut, or a bold color to their overall kitchen design. 

Countertops & Flooring

Industry experts are predicting that quartz will overtake granite. Providing a sleeker and more modern look, quartz is now becoming incorporated into bar and island designs. There are a variety of colors and designs to choose from.

Sinks & Hardware

“Smart” faucets with motion and hands-free technology will be all the rage. Sinks and faucets that are pre-programmed to use only a certain amount of water is the newest trend that homeowners are looking for. 

From a style perspective, sinks with black and gold accents are the huge trend for 2020.

Newest Bathroom Trends for 2020

What will we see in 2020 for bathroom trends?

Space and Layout

Bathrooms get bigger to incorporate more spa-like features such as freestanding tubs, or wide open showers. 


Floating vanities will be huge. Not only do they provide more flexibility in a space but they give off a contemporary feel. 

Another trend is a combination of both open and closed cabinets. These will be used to hide clutter and help create an open and inviting space. 

From a style perspective, antique glass and natural and matte wood finishes will be a top trend.


Soft colors such as whites, greys, taupes, and nature-inspired hues are still trending. Even blues, greens, and marble-looking material are incorporated into bathrooms. 

Sinks, Faucets & Showers

Homeowners are willing to spend more money to ensure their bathroom completely meets their needs. This includes anything from bathtubs with a control for water temperature to self-closing toilet lids. Spa-like and convenience features are becoming very popular in bathrooms.

Hands-free faucets and leak detection are also newer features that homeowners are looking to incorporate into bathrooms.

Mixed metals and materials, and extotic-looking stone are the way of the future.

And, there you have it! Some of the hottest and newest kitchen and bath trends for 2020. 

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