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Calacatta Novello: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Calacatta Novello balances subtle and bold gray veining on a white background, Calacatta Novello, merges nature and design into an aesthetic that sets a new classic ambience. Specially created to be both functional and striking. Calacatta Novello is a dynamic look to fulfill stylish desires.

#1 – It’s New

Having only been on the market for a few weeks, Calacatta Novello is all the rage. This man-made Corian Quartz color was announced in September 2020 and has been taking the kitchen and bath industry by storm ever since.

#2 – It’s Readily Available

H.J. Oldenkamp is currently stocking Calacatta Novello in 3cm thickness at both our Royal Oak, MI and Madison, AL warehouses (2cm will be special order). Also available are 2×2, 4×4, and 10×10 samples upon request.

#3 – Competitive Pricing

Calacatta Novello is marketed at an extremely competitive price point compared to other complex veined products, by being on promotion through H.J. Oldenkamp Co. until 2/15/21.

#4 – Residential/Commercial Uses

Whether enhancing a residential space, or a commercial property, Calacatta Novello adds a bold statement. The neutral palette mixed with exciting visual design makes it easy use for hospitality, specialty retail, or office, and makes a unique statement in residential home.

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#5 – Jumbo Slab Options

Calacatta Novello also comes as a jumbo slab, which measures 65×130; perfect for those large seamless island projects.

The advantage of jumbo slabs includes:

  • Reduce installation time for applications that typically require seaming.
  • Less product waste through the elimination of typical cutting and joining process.
  • Decreased need to keep multiple sheet sizes on hand resulting in a reduction in the cost of inventory.









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Throwback Thursday: See A Vintage Oldenkamp Truck

Since 1946, the H.J. Oldenkamp Company has been supplying nationally-branded interior building products to both commercial and residential trade professionals. Being in this industry for over 70 years, we have customers who have been with us from the early beginnings. We value those loyal relationships, and oftentimes, it’s those customers who send us a picture, advertisement, or video clip from years ago that takes us back in time. On this Throwback Thursday, we’re showcasing a video clip from 1957.

Oldenkamp Through The Years

In 1946, H.J. Oldenkamp started out as a metal molding distributor in Warren, MI. Today, we’re the Midwest’s leading interior building products distributor. Our territory has expanded from servicing Metro Detroit to all or portions of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. 

Below are some key milestones for us:

  • Founded in 1946 by Henry J. Oldenkamp
  • Added Formica® Laminate for metro Detroit and mid-Michigan in 1950
  • Added Merillat® Cabinets for Metro Detroit in 1965
  • Added Corian® Solid Surface for metro Detroit and mid-Michigan in 1971
  • Added Quality®/Woodstar® Cabinets for Michigan in 1998
  • Added Corian® Quartz for Michigan in 2000
  • Expanded Merillat® Cabinets offering in northwest Ohio in 2009
  • Expanded our territory to H.J. Oldenkamp South (Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee) for Corian® Solid Surface, Corian® Quartz, Futrus Corian® Solutions and Corian® Solid Surface Privacy Plus® Partitions in 2015


We continuously add new products to our lineup so we are always able to meet the needs of our customers. To view all products we have, please view the Products page on our website. 

In The Formica Business

While we no longer distribute Formica, it was one of the first products. 

Recently, one of our customers, Mike from Iannuzzi Millwork Corporation came across this vintage video clip featuring a HJO Formica truck. The story gets even better! This customer’s wife’s uncle was one of our truck drivers. 

Enjoy this Throwback Thursday video clip:

hjo truck 1957

Let H.J. Oldenkamp Help You

We make every effort to not only provide the best service in the industry, but to continually improve upon the variety of services we offer. From customer service to warehouse and logistics to sales and product training, it’s our services that distinguish us from the competition. Please feel free to contact our team today. 


Corian® Design Helps to Transform Oscar Mike Foundation

As seen in a press release from DuPont:

Since its inception in 2011, the Oscar Mike Foundation has stood for keeping injured veterans on the move. Founded out of the necessity to give injured veterans the ability to participate in adaptive sports despite high costs, the Oscar Mike Foundation offers a range of heart pumping activities adapted to the needs of injured veterans while providing them with the financial support to do so.

The compound can host up to 17 athletes at a time in a warm home environment while providing access to athletic training facilities and sports. During their time at the compound, the athletes form strong bonds and build a sense of camaraderie while engaging in daily activities and participating in outdoor sports including, kayaking, water sports, sky diving and flight lessons.

“We wanted to help provide a space that could both function to the unique needs of the veterans participating in adapted sports, and provide a beautiful environment for healing to occur,” said Julie Eaton, Vice President and General Manager for Corian® Design.

The Corian® Design team worked with celebrity designer Jennifer Bertrand, a Designing Spaces™ regular, to give the kitchen and bath areas a new design while upgrading important functionality and ensuring ADA compliance.

“My vision for the space was to create an environment that felt like a hug to the soul. I used warm colors and soft yet durable materials to create a space that better functioned for these veterans,” Bertrand said.

“I selected a warm gray material palette integrating both DuPont™ Corian® Quartz and Corian® Solid Surface throughout the kitchen and bathroom to create a seamless and durable environment that can stand up to wear and tear,” Bertrand added.

The kitchen features a large island in Corian® Quartz that acts as a gathering space when preparing meals for guests to enjoy together. The Corian® Quartz used throughout the kitchen integrates seamlessly with the Corian® Solid Surface sink and features a leathered texture which offers a soft sheen and sophisticated look. The upgraded bathroom includes an accessible shower and vanity clad in the Corian® Solid Surface Neutral Concrete which makes the bathroom easy-to-clean and resistant to mold.

Below are key highlights from this transformation:

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Behind the Scenes at Kountry Wood Products

Having produced top quality cabinetry for over 20 years, Kountry Wood Products invites you to take a look at their cabinet construction process.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Kountry Wood Products or any of our cabinet lines, please feel free to contact our team today.


Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2018

Join Corian® Design Color and Design Expert, Mark Woodman, while he discusses the design trends spotted at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.



Corian’s Exciting Brand Rejuvenation for 2017

Corian® Design
Invites a Whole New Generation to “Make Their Space”

Corian-Design-Tagline_RGBThe Corian® brand has a whole new look
Corian’s 50th Anniversary marks a new global business and brand vision that aims at maximizing the design potential of the Corian® that you have been designing, showcasing and innovating with for years. The Corian® Brand has a whole new look and way of expressing brand beliefs, but most importantly a new range of products and aesthetics that invite you to meet the Corian® you never knew.

Corian® will continue to develop innovative new products, introduce new aesthetics that will drive the marketplace, and expand the portfolio under the Corian® Design brand to inspire you, and most importantly to meet the evolving needs of your customers and modern society.

Corian® Design: Make Your Space™ is the next step in our journey, one of universal possibilities based on collaboration and innovation.
It’s an exciting time for Corian® Design and we look to continue to inspire and transform the world of design. We appreciate your support over the past years and we look forward to continuing to meet your design needs in the future!


Video Graphic

Click here to watch the new brand video

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Experience the new aesthetics of Corian®
Warmth and emotion, decoration and dynamic modernity. Embracing its heritage while moving swiftly to the future, Corian® has created three advanced aesthetics: Concrete, Onyx and Prima. They encompass unparalleled character and personality to satisfy a desire, strike a mood or complete a vision. These three new aesthetics celebrate the direction of decoration and color. They represent the evolution of design.

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Zodiaq® Quartz Aesthetic Introductions for 2017

Inspired by the movement and color of natural stone, these Zodiaq® color introductions merge inventive, stylish aesthetics with those of directional design. Zodiaq® has always been known for its innovative, highly-durable surfaces which infuse the variegated beauty of the natural world to form alluring designs.


Corian® Aesthetic Introductions for 2017

Embracing its heritage while moving swiftly to the future, Corian® has created three advanced aesthetics: Concrete, Onyx and Prima. They encompass unparalleled character and personality to satisfy a desire, strike a mood or complete a vision. These three new aesthetics celebrate the direction of decoration and color.