Calacatta Novello: Top 5 Things You Need to Know

Calacatta Novello balances subtle and bold gray veining on a white background. It merges nature and design into an aesthetic that sets a new classic ambience. This is a dynamic look specifically created to be both functional and striking.

#1 – It’s New

Even though Calacatta Novello is a new color, it’s all the rage. This manmade Corian Quartz color was announced in September 2020 and has been taking the kitchen and bath industry by storm ever since.

#2 – It’s Readily Available

H. J. Oldenkamp is currently stocking Calacatta Novello in 3cm thickness at both our Royal Oak, MI and Madison, AL warehouses. (Note: 2cm will be special order). Samples in sizes 2×2, 4×4, and 10×10 are available upon request.

#3 – Competitive Pricing

This new color is marketed at an extremely competitive price point compared to other complex veined products.

#4 – Residential/Commercial Uses

Whether enhancing a residential space, or a commercial property, Calacatta Novello adds a bold statement. The striking visual design makes it easy use for hospitality, specialty retail, or office. It can especially make a unique statement in a home.

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#5 – Jumbo Slab Options

Calacatta Novello also comes as a jumbo slab, which measures 65×130. This will be a perfect size for those large seamless island projects.

The advantage of jumbo slabs includes:

  • Reduced installation time for applications that typically require seaming.
  • Less product waste through the eliminating the typical cutting and joining process.
  • Decreased need to keep multiple sheet sizes on hand. This results in a reduction in the cost of inventory.








YouTube: Click the link below to watch a video featuring Corian Design’s very own Mark Woodman.

Interested in incorporating Calacatta Novello into your next project?

Contact H.J. Oldenkamp Co. at 586-756-0600 for promotional pricing and samples.


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