Behind The Scenes: Corian® Design

What are Corian® countertops? That’s a question that our team hears a lot. Corian® Design is the surfacing material made by DuPont. There are actually two types of Corian® surfacing materials: Corian® Quartz and Corian® Solid Surface.

Corian® Quartz is engineered with pure quartz crystals that are found in the earth. Due to the hard stone-like characteristics, Corian® Quartz is naturally hard and can keep up with daily wear and tear while still maintaining its good looks. 

On the other hand, Corian® Solid Surface is a man-made material comprising of binding resins, various minerals, dyes, and other fillers that help to give it both color and texture. This surfacing material is known for being the first solid countertop material on the market.

Our team went behind the scenes to tour a Corian® Design plant with one of our customers to learn even more about this versatile surfacing material. 

Steelcase with DuPont

Revealed: What are Corian Countertops?

During the plant tour, our team learned just how Corian® Solid Surface can be the right solution to creative and innovative situations. You can cut, routed, drilled, sculpted, and bend this surfacing material. With 116 colors, this vast color palette allows anyone to create their dream space. 

In fact, Corian® Solid Surface is so much more than a countertop material. Paired with M.R. Walls, artist Mario Romano uses this material to carve a breathtaking piece of art that can be used in a vertical space. This work is extremely eye catching and has a lot of designers and architects talking about it.

Here at the H.J. Oldenkamp Company, we’ve even had customers use this surfacing material for trophy display cases. The possibilities are truly endless with Corian® Design. 

To complete the DuPont plant tour, our group was able to learn and talk with Tim Lacey. Tim is the Global Vice President & General Manager of Performance Building Solutions and Corian® Design. This tour gave our team greater insight into why it’s such a great surfacing material. 

Tour 1 - DuPont

Choose Corian® Design for Your Next Surfacing Project

Whether you select Corian® Quartz or Corian® Solid Surface for your next residential or commercial project, we know that you’ll love the results.

H.J. Oldenkamp has been a proud distributor of Corian® Design for over 45 years. Our sales territory includes all of Michigan and portions of Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Please feel free to call our Customer Service team at 800-462-6047 so they can answer any additional questions you may have about Corian® Design.

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