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7 New Arborite Designs You Must See Now

The H.J. Oldenkamp Company is excited to announce the expansion of the Maison residential Collection at Arborite®. The kitchen still very much remains the heart and soul of a home, yet some of the roles of the kitchen have shifted. While it still remains as a place for home chefs to cook up delicious meals, the emergence of kitchen islands have turned kitchens into a place for gathering and entertaining. The recently launched designs at Arborite® feature a variety of colors and patterns in laminate texture that will add both beauty and durability to countertops. 

Arborite 7 New Residential Designs

Featuring two series of laminate texture in the Maison collection, these new designs add six new patterns to the Panorama Collection, one new design to the Welcome Homes series, and a new Ultra Smooth (UL) finish to select designs. Continue reading to learn more about the 7 new Arborite designs you must see now. 

7 New Laminate Texture Designs

The neutral warm new tones of the Panorama collection create a realistic stone look for a fraction of the cost. Inspired by rustic charm, nature, and classic marbling, these four new patterns certainly won’t disappoint:

  • Terrazzo Grande (P1014)
  • Nuvolato Marble (P1013)
  • Dreamcatcher (P1018)
  • Carrara Venato (P1015)

With the rise of urban and industrial living, Arborite® introduced two new designs that add texture and classic beauty to a space:

  • Baroque Soapstone (P1017)
  • Versailles Marble (P1016)

The Welcome Home Collection adds one new laminate texture. Monolith (P407) is a neutral, grey stone-like design that adds subtle character and movement. 

Select designs will also be available in Arborite®’s new Ultra Smooth (UL) finish, which is a burnished texture that helps to amplify light, movement, and enhance the depth of color. 

Just like with any new product introduction, Arborite® has also discontinued some colors and patterns. To see a full list of everything that’s been discontinued, please click here

All About Arborite®

Montreal-based, Arborite® has been supplying decorative high-pressure laminates to the design community since 1947. Excelling in a range of premium textures in over 200 colors and patterns, Arborite® has a solid reputation and is known to provide excellent design and top quality materials. Plus, all laminates are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified, and over 80% of their product offering is certified by the FSC. 

The H.J. Oldenkamp Company has been delivering laminate texture in Michigan for over 50 years, and have quickly become the premier distributor of Arborite®. We have a variety of colors and finishes in stock and ready for immediately delivery. You can view the entire selection of Arborite® Laminate colors, patterns and textures at For samples, sample chains, and literature, please feel free to call our Customer Service Department at 800-462-6047.


This Just In: New Remodeling and Building Products

The Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan (HBA) recently published an article about new building and remodeling products. With more and more getting introduced each year, some building products help to solve age-old building challenges with new technology while others are designed to enhance the beauty of homes. 

Our Showroom Manager and Supervisor, April Parker, was one of the industry experts interviewed for this article, and was able to talk about some of H.J. Oldenkamp Company’s favorite innovative wall coverings.

The first product mentioned was plankwise® interior hardwood wall coverings, which is a Michigan-based company. Made with real wood veneer, plankwise® creates a high-end feel to any type of space for a very moderate price. A great way to add plankwise® to your space is through vertical or ceiling applications. Available in Maple, Walnut, White Oak, Grays Reef, and Whiskey, this product has a tongue and groove design for easy installation and comes in two sizes.

Building products such as plankwise interior hardwood wall coverings are new to the marketplace.

Another product mentioned was ATI Decorative Laminates. Using the MirroFlex™ Structures, you can use this building product for walls, ceilings, and backsplashes. ATI is made out of plastic composite materials that closely resemble metals, like stainless steel. In fact, they are so realistic that it’s very hard to tell that they aren’t made of metal. 

ATI provides a building product that looks like metal.

The last favorite innovative wall coverings April talked about was M.R. Walls. Being a great showpiece on a wall in either a hotel or office, artist Mario Romano uses a Corian® Solid Surface to carve out an incredible art piece that’s usually based on the client’s vision. This work is extremely eye catching and has a lot of designers and architects talking about the creativity and versatility of it.

M.R. Walls is an innovative building product taking the industry by storm.

To read the entire article, please click here

To learn more about the H.J. Oldenkamp Company and our building products, please contact our team today. 


H.J. Oldenkamp Co. is Now Stocking Quality Woodstar Cabinets

Quality Cabinets – Uncommon Name. Uncommon Values.

Quality Cabinets – the Woodstar Series is a cabinet line made by Masco Cabinetry. Known in the marketplace for offering a variety of depths of wall, base, and vanity cabinets, Quality Cabinets has over 500 door styles and color combinations. This cabinet line even offers upgrades and decorative accessories, so you can create a unique space. 

The H.J. Oldenkamp Company has been a proud distributor of Masco Cabinetry for the past 50 years. The expansion of Quality Cabinets in 1998 has helped to make us one of the top Masco Cabinetry distributors in the Midwest. 

Now Stocking Maddie White!

Quality Cabinets are built with solid kiln-dried hardwood face frames which give strength, squareness, and rigidity. Quality Cabinets truly does it right! Ideal for quick turn around times and for multi-family builders who need a top quality and long lasting cabinet with reliable deliveries from local inventories, Quality Woodstar Cabinets is the best choice. 

The H.J. Oldenkamp Company now stocks Quality Woodstar Cabinets in Maddie White. Why choose Maddie White?

  • White Laminate Door
  • Recessed Center Panel
  • Partial Overlay
  • Laminated MDF Slab Drawer Front
  • Affordable – Priced Less Than Paint
  • Durable
  • Consistent Finish
  • Quick Delivery

 all the rage right now in kitchen design, white kitchen cabinets are a classic, affordable, and smart way to invest in cabinets. They also are easy to “upgrade” with the style of hardware you select. 

We’re ready for your next delivery or immediate pick-up from our Royal Oak, MI warehouse. Let us quote your next multi-unit project in Maddie White and we’ll show you just how competitive we can be! Click here to learn more about Quality Cabinets. 


Introducing The 2019 Corian® Quartz Colors

More exciting news from DuPont™ Corian® Design. With the Corian® Solid Surface new color announcement, we indicated that this is Corian® Design’s biggest launch ever which means we’re now excited to introduce you to the 2 new aesthetics of Corian® Quartz. With these 10 new colors, you’ll find 6 high-gloss finishes and 4 with a soft textured leathered feel. These Corian® Quartz aesthetics are now available.

Whether you’re a consumer, architect, or fabricator, these new colors of Corian® Quartz will leave you amazed. Let’s take a look and learn more about them.

The 6 High-Gloss Colors of Corian® Quartz

Crisp white: Being one of the top home design trends for 2019, white counter tops help to elevate any space. The two new colors, Bianco Pur and Bianco Marmor, certainly don’t disappoint. Bold and marble-like, these colors will set the foundation for an elegant space.

Neutral: In today’s design world, we are also seeing bold wall colors, painted cabinets, and bronze appliances. The perfect compliment is a neutral surfacing material. Choosing from either Oyster Grigio and Geo Grigio will give your space a geologic look as they both have beautiful deep veining coursing throughout.

Gray: Whether it’s on your counter top or cabinets, grey is in! From the light colored, Ashen Gray to the dark and sleek Slate Geo, these two colors both show simple veining that helps to add to the movement of the quartz.

Any one of these high-gloss colors will allow for endless design possibilities.

The 4 Leathered Texture Aesthetics

All of these new leathered colors should seem familiar as they were selected from existing popular Corian® Quartz colors. The low-sheen finish and subtle pebble texture catches the eye while providing a surface that invites a new type of style and design.

Venetia Cream Leathered, Coarse Pepper Leathered, Storm Grey Leathered, and Dove Grey Leathered are the four colors in this aesthetic. All of which are ideal surfaces for a home, retail space, or office space.

To learn more about the new colors of Corian® Quartz, please visit

Why Corian® Quartz?

This surfacing material is made with extremely hard quartz crystals allowing it to survive nicks and cuts from daily use. This composition also helps to reduce both the short-term and long-term maintenance. Additionally, you’ll never have to seal, polish, or recondition the surface. All that’s needed to clean it is soap and water – it’s as easy as that.

Corian® Quartz is also nonporous which means it doesn’t allow liquids to penetrate the surface which means mold and bacteria have no where to grow. This surface is also heat-resistant; however, it is recommended to use trivets and heat pads when setting a hot pot on your surface for a long period of time.

Lastly, Corian® Quartz is stain-resistant and will stay beautiful for many years.

At H.J. Oldenkamp, we’ve been a proud distributor of Corian® Quartz for over 45 years. Our territory includes all or portions of Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. For questions or to request samples or literature on Corian® Quartz, please contact our team today.


Introducing The 2019 Corian® Solid Surface Colors

Exciting news! Being the largest color launch to-date, DuPont™ Corian® Design has recently introduced 5 new aesthetics (Aggregate, Terrazzo, Linear, Nuwood and Onyx aesthetics) to Corian® Solid Surface. This unmatched collection of bold colors and patterns allows for endless possibilities in both interior and exterior spaces. As of April 1, 2019, these 15 new colors are available.

Whether you’re a consumer, designer, architect, or home builder, the 2019 launch of Corian® Solid Surface will leave you inspired, and others awe-struck. Created to make a truly one-of-a-kind space, let’s learn more about these 6 new collections of Corian® Solid Surface.

The 6 New Collections

The team at Corian® Design has developed these new collections with the intention of being trend-forward and to offer as many different design possibilities as possible. Are you ready to become inspired?

Aggregate Collection: Encompassing four new colors, this collection showcases the use of an industrial look. Neutral Aggregate, Ash Aggregate, Weathered Aggregate, and Carbon Aggregate express the modern and timeless look of Corian® Solid Surface while being able to transition between different design styles and applications.

Terrazzo Collection: These three new colors are the perfect combination of classic and angular. Featuring whites, grays, and blacks, these colors were inspired by mid century design. Teasing, calming, and contrasting – with either Domino Terrazzo, Pebble Terrazzo, or Basalt Terrazzo, you’ll be able to find a dramatic, dimensional, and stylish look for any space.

Linear Collection: Where parallel lines meet, two calming and cooling colors form this collection. With both Silver Linear and Sepia Linear, variegated lines of each color streak through a pure white base. Sharp, modern, and defining what parallel veining should look like, these linear colors can be created with uninterrupted lines or staggered for a staccato effect.

Nuwood Collection: Showcasing one of the earth’s most gorgeous natural resources, wood, this collection allows you to create a space in a whole new way. From rich Mahogany Nuwood to the sun washed Beech Nuwood, with this collection, you can let your imagination run wild.

Onyx Collection: Bold. Unique. Colorful. The swirls of green or gold emulate energy and beauty. Able to be illuminated from either below or above, the two colors in this Onyx collection (Jade Onyx and Golden Onyx) help to create a multi-layered classic and unique look.

Solid Collection: Vibrant and rich, the two colors (Verdant and Laguna) make a bold, clean, and harmonizing statement. Celebrating a new direction for blues and greens, these two new solid colors are perfect for both residential and commercial applications both inside and out.

For more information about these new colors of Corian® Solid Surface, please visit

Why Corian® Solid Surface?

This surfacing material was the only solid countertop surface material on the market before Formica, Staron, and Wilsonart. But this material is so much more. It’s durable, tough, easy-to-clean, nonporous, repairable, and seamless. In fact, this surfacing material gives any space the freedom of expression. The possibilities are truly endless.

Here at H.J. Oldenkamp Company, we’ve been distributing Corian® Solid Surface since 1971. Currently, we distribute for all or portions of Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. For questions or to request samples or literature, please contact our team today.


Behind the Scenes at Kountry Wood Products

Having produced top quality cabinetry for over 20 years, Kountry Wood Products invites you to take a look at their cabinet construction process.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Kountry Wood Products or any of our cabinet lines, please feel free to contact our team today.


Introducing Corian® Solid Surface With Resilience Technology™

Exciting news in the counter top world! Corian® Solid Surface has recently launched a new manufacturing process called Resilience Technology. This premium technology features superior damage protection, quick and easy stain removal, and low maintenance for both commercial and residential use. This means that Corian® Solid Surface with Resilience Technology actually reduces physical damage caused from scratches, heat, impact, and daily use.

Another great benefit of this patent pending technology is the ability for the surface to look new for a much longer time than those surfaces without it. All end-users have to do to retain the gorgeous “new” look is occasionally wash the countertop with a slightly abrasive pad. In doing so, this will remove surface-level scratches.

Additionally, Corian® Solid Surface with Resilience Technologystill offers all of the qualities of the standard Corian® surfaces:

  • Versatility in design
  • Easy formability
  • Non-porous in nature
  • Smooth surface with concealed joints

The optimal use for this technology will be seen in the hospitality, education, healthcare, retail, office, food service, and residential industries. Due to the unmatched enhancing and performance characteristics, the Resilience Technologyputs Corian® in a great position to become an industry leader.

For now, Corian® Solid Surface with Resilience Technologyis available in the following four colors:

  1. Summit White (white tone)
  2. Stratus (gray tonality)
  3. Keystone (similar look to concrete)
  4. Cool Gray (flecked gray matrix)


Four colors of Corian Solid Surface with Resiliance Technology

Four colors of Corian Solid Surface with Resilience Technology

To learn more about Corian® Art of Resilience, we encourage you to visit their website.
For a quick overview of this superior technology, you can view and download the brochure here.

The team at HJ Oldenkamp is happy to assist with all of your Corian® Solid Surface needs. Please feel free to contact us for any questions, to request samples, or to obtain a quote for a Corian® Solid Surface with Resilience Technology project.


Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2018

Join Corian® Design Color and Design Expert, Mark Woodman, while he discusses the design trends spotted at this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.