Introducing Nature’s Palette: The New Corian® Solid Surface Colors

We’re thrilled to unveil the newest shades in the Corian® Solid Surface lineup, inspired by the raw and majestic beauty of nature. This season, we’re bringing the outdoors inside with our latest color additions that capture the essence of natural landscapes—from the rugged cliffs to the calm of flowing waters.

Feel the Earth Beneath: The Geologic Collection

Our Geologic collection now features Stonecrest Smoke and Calacatta Greige, colors that mimic the earth’s powerful presence and intricate layers. These designs are perfect for those who appreciate a bold, natural look in their spaces.

Whisper of Nature: The Artista Collection

For a more subdued elegance, the Artista collection introduces Artista Mist and Artista Sage. These shades offer a soft echo of the morning mist and the soothing touch of green herbs, bringing tranquility to any room.

Made with recycled content and produced in Buffalo, New York, these new additions adhere to our commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. Integrating these colors into your spaces not only enhances the aesthetic but also supports eco-friendly design choices.

Explore these exciting new options and let your designs speak the language of nature. To discover more about these beautiful surfaces, visit Corian’s official website.

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