Staying healthy in the winter is important as colder temperatures and reduced sunlight can bring about specific health challenges. Designing spaces with consideration for flu season involves implementing measures that can help reduce the risk of spreading deadly viruses. In hospitals and other healthcare environments, maintaining clean and healthy surfaces is crucial to prevent the spread of infections and to ensure a safe space for patients, staff, and visitors. Corian Solid Surface countertops and sinks are often used in hospitals for various applications due to its characteristics that align with the requirements of healthcare environments. Here are some features of Corian Solid Surface material that contribute to creating healthy environments:

NON-POROUS: Materials like Corian Solid Surface are commonly used for their non-porous nature. Surfaces that are non-porous are easier to clean and disinfect, reducing the risk of bacteria and viruses lingering on the surface.

EASY TO CLEAN AND DISINFECT: Surfaces that are smooth and free of seams or joints are easier to clean and disinfect thoroughly. This includes materials that can withstand regular cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants without sustaining damage.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: Corian Solid Surface is available in a variety of design options, including a wide range of colors and patterns. This allows designers to create aesthetically pleasing and customized environments while maintaining functionality.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Surfaces that resist damage from common cleaning chemicals are preferred in healthcare settings where frequent cleaning and disinfection are necessary. This ensures that the surfaces can be effectively sanitized without compromising their integrity.

DURABILITY: Healthcare environments experience high levels of traffic and use, so surfaces need to be durable and resistant to wear and tear. Durable materials like Corian Solid Surface are less likely to harbor bacteria in cracks or crevices.

SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: Corian solid surface material can be seamlessly integrated into various surfaces, including countertops and sinks. This seamless design makes it easier to clean and reduces the chances of bacteria buildup in joints or seams.

REPAIRABILITY: In the event of minor damage, Corian Solid Surface material can be repaired in the field, extending the lifespan of the installations. This is advantageous in healthcare facilities where maintaining infrastructure is essential.

COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATIONS: Hospital surfaces must meet regulatory standards and guidelines for healthcare facilities. Materials should be selected based on local and national regulations to ensure safety and compliance.

Common applications of Corian Solid Surface in hospitals and other healthcare environments include countertops, integrated sinks, wall cladding, reception desks, and other surfaces where hygiene, durability, and design flexibility are critical considerations. If you have specific questions about the use or installation of Corian Solid Surface countertops or integrated sinks in hospitals and healthcare facilities, reach out to your HJ Oldenkamp representative for detailed information.

By: Hilliary Haddad

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