Step Into the Spotlight with the New Corian® Quartz Colors!

Get ready to spark your creativity with the dazzling launch of our latest Corian® Quartz collection! Each new color is a masterpiece, blending the raw beauty of nature with cutting-edge technology to create surfaces that are not just visually stunning but built to last.

Quartzites: A Symphony in Stone

Explore our breathtaking new quartzites like “Smoked Quartzite” and “Estate Quartzite,” where dynamic, omnidirectional veins offer a sense of movement and depth that mimics the natural world. These colors add a fresh and exciting visual dimension to any design project.

Elegant Neutrals for Every Design

Our elegant neutrals, “Quiet White” and “Hushed Gray,” are designed to create a serene backdrop in any space. Quiet White captivates with its subtle warmth and delicate sparkle, while Hushed Gray brings a sophisticated medium gray tone enhanced with sparkling particles. These hues are perfect for achieving a refined aesthetic that coordinates seamlessly with various design styles and cabinetry.

Iconic Stone: Timeless Majesty

Be enchanted by “Calacatta Medallion” our take on the iconic stone look. Calacatta Medallion features luxurious veins of gold and gray, evoking the timeless elegance of classic stone.

A Canvas for Creativity

With these new offerings, Corian® Quartz continues to be at the forefront of surface innovation, providing durable, nonporous, and easy-to-maintain options that do not compromise on style. Whether you’re designing a dream kitchen, a spa-like bathroom, or an inviting commercial space, our new collection provides the perfect canvas for your creativity.

Dive into the endless possibilities with our new collection and let your imagination flourish. Explore the full range of colors and find inspiration for your next project on our website at Corian® Quartz. Embrace the blend of nature, art, and technology in your spaces, and watch as your design visions come to life with Corian® Quartz.

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