Designing with Biophilia for Health & Happiness

Biophilic design is an approach to architecture that connects indoor and outdoor public spaces more closely to nature. This design trend has been rising in popularity over the last couple of years, as people are gravitating toward more minimalistic and natural settings. Biophilic design trends are changing how we design and experience our public spaces.  Here are a few easy ways to enhance your indoor environments with biophilic design.

It’s no secret that retailers want customers to feel good in their spaces, so there is an emphasis on keeping stores clean and well lit, as well as including interesting forms, natural wood tones, live plants, and green accents. The average mall store has gotten a big makeover, and some of the most-popular stores you visited as a teen may look totally different now.

Another great way to incorporate biophilic design into your next project is using natural materials, or naturally inspired materials. There is now a big market of surfacing textures that evoke a connection with nature that are made of sustainable materials. Corian Solid Surface and Corian Quartz are two lines of surfacing materials that are nature-inspired and feature a range of textures, from matte to leathered to polished. The color ranges offered will also fit with any design style.

Speaking of Corian Solid Surface, Solid Surface materials are gaining lots of traction in public spaces. As it’s incredibly hygienic and durable, these materials are excellent for high-traffic areas. From high-end to regular spaces, these surfaces can become the custom solution for nearly every situation.

Biophilic design is the way of the future for spaces like hospitals and other healthcare facilities, airports, and shopping centers. A strong connect to nature throughout a facility can help people connect to the natural world and feel a sense of comfort in a world of uncertainty.

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