How to Adjust Hinges on Cabinet Doors

If you (or your customer) are getting frustrated with misaligned cabinet doors, adjusting hinges are a cheap, quick and easy fix that can resolve minor inconveniences in a kitchen or bathroom.

Something many people do not know is that cabinet doors don’t have to be perfectly vertical/level – you just have to make sure they look good with the surrounding cabinet elements. As long as the doors are vertically aligned with the sides of the cabinet frame and positioned in the center of the cabinet opening, they will look and perform much better.

Before starting, make sure you have the right tool. Do NOT use a power drill for this activity as you could potentially strip the screw heads or the cabinet wood. All you need is a simple Phillips-head screwdriver with a #2 tip.

The first step is to determine your hinge type. Most modern cabinets have three directional adjustments: up and down, left and right, and in and out. If each hinge has two or more screws (in addition to the mounting screws) you should be able to easily adjust your hinges.

For Modern Cabinets

First, make sure any loose mounting screws are secured. If that doesn’t do the job, look for the screw that adjusts the door up and down. You can then adjust the door right or left to align it with the edges of the cabinet, or the door next to it. There should also be a depth adjustment screw that will allow you to move the door in or out. If it’s pulled away from the frame a bit, you can adjust accordingly.

For Older Cabinets

Same as the modern cabinet hinges, tighten any mounting screws that may be loose. If your cabinet doesn’t have directional adjustments, loosen the mounting screws on both hinges and adjust the cabinet door to the right height. Don’t forget to retighten the screws!

The final step is to check the door(s)! If something still feels off, repeat the directions above or adjust the screws a little differently.

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