Introducing The 2019 Corian® Quartz Colors

More exciting news from DuPont™ Corian® Design. With the Corian® Solid Surface new color announcement, we indicated that this is Corian® Design’s biggest launch ever which means we’re now excited to introduce you to the 2 new aesthetics of Corian® Quartz. With these 10 new colors, you’ll find 6 high-gloss finishes and 4 with a soft textured leathered feel. These Corian® Quartz aesthetics are now available.

Whether you’re a consumer, architect, or fabricator, these new colors of Corian® Quartz will leave you amazed. Let’s take a look and learn more about them.

The 6 High-Gloss Colors of Corian® Quartz

Crisp white: Being one of the top home design trends for 2019, white counter tops help to elevate any space. The two new colors, Bianco Pur and Bianco Marmor, certainly don’t disappoint. Bold and marble-like, these colors will set the foundation for an elegant space.

Neutral: In today’s design world, we are also seeing bold wall colors, painted cabinets, and bronze appliances. The perfect compliment is a neutral surfacing material. Choosing from either Oyster Grigio and Geo Grigio will give your space a geologic look as they both have beautiful deep veining coursing throughout.

Gray: Whether it’s on your counter top or cabinets, grey is in! From the light colored, Ashen Gray to the dark and sleek Slate Geo, these two colors both show simple veining that helps to add to the movement of the quartz.

Any one of these high-gloss colors will allow for endless design possibilities.

The 4 Leathered Texture Aesthetics

All of these new leathered colors should seem familiar as they were selected from existing popular Corian® Quartz colors. The low-sheen finish and subtle pebble texture catches the eye while providing a surface that invites a new type of style and design.

Venetia Cream Leathered, Coarse Pepper Leathered, Storm Grey Leathered, and Dove Grey Leathered are the four colors in this aesthetic. All of which are ideal surfaces for a home, retail space, or office space.

To learn more about the new colors of Corian® Quartz, please visit

Why Corian® Quartz?

This surfacing material is made with extremely hard quartz crystals allowing it to survive nicks and cuts from daily use. This composition also helps to reduce both the short-term and long-term maintenance. Additionally, you’ll never have to seal, polish, or recondition the surface. All that’s needed to clean it is soap and water – it’s as easy as that.

Corian® Quartz is also nonporous which means it doesn’t allow liquids to penetrate the surface which means mold and bacteria have no where to grow. This surface is also heat-resistant; however, it is recommended to use trivets and heat pads when setting a hot pot on your surface for a long period of time.

Lastly, Corian® Quartz is stain-resistant and will stay beautiful for many years.

At H.J. Oldenkamp, we’ve been a proud distributor of Corian® Quartz for over 45 years. Our territory includes all or portions of Michigan, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. For questions or to request samples or literature on Corian® Quartz, please contact our team today.

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