Intrigue Your Eyes: 5 Kitchen Storage Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Serving as the perfect gathering spot for family and friends, a kitchen’s main function is to also store food, cooking equipment, and small appliances. For a well-functioning and beautiful kitchen, one must have effective kitchen storage solutions. When everything has a designated place, you’ll not only be maximizing your kitchen’s existing storage, but you’ll feel more confident as a cook.

We’re here to show you a variety of kitchen storage ideas so you can implement this organization before the holidays hit!

The Role of a Kitchen

Your kitchen is the center of your every day. Most likely, your day begins with either a cup of coffee or breakfast with your family in the kitchen. Guests also gather in the kitchen to eat and socialize. This room acts as a bonding area that turns your house into a home, and bonds your loved ones together.

In fact, a recent Cambridge study stated a person’s longevity increases with cooking at home on a frequent basis. It’s also a place where social skills and manners are learned. Having a beautiful kitchen is an investment towards your family’s health and happiness. A well-organized and functional kitchen will draw family members and friends into the heart of your home. The key to this is to draw inspiration from top kitchen storage ideas

Why Kitchen Storage Solutions Are Important

In our industry, we see a great need for kitchen storage space. In fact, when designing kitchens, we oftentimes include certain storage solutions that will help to create a practical space with amenities to streamline the prep, cooking, and cleanup process. 

By incorporating more storage space into a kitchen, you can easily prep those holiday meals stress-free. When your kitchen doesn’t have sufficient storage solutions and is unorganized, you aren’t operating at your best. Your meals and even emotions about cooking will start to suffer. 

Fear not! With a variety of kitchen storage ideas that are easy to install, you’ll love your kitchen even more!

Choosing The Best Kitchen Storage Solutions

When it comes to kitchen organization space, there really is never too many places to stash items. 

When selecting storage solutions, you’ll want to make sure that you leave as little space as possible to waste. In the planning process, think about how you can group items by a specific task. For example, baking pans and bowls stored together in one drawer will make it easy to pull them out when you start baking those holiday cookies. 

Additionally, think about the best ways to maximize kitchen space. Does it make sense to take up counter top space with a spice rack, or should you put in a spice pull out drawer? 

In our experience, the below approaches work best when thinking about kitchen storage ideas:

  • Choose the latest technology so you can get many years of use out of it. According to Merillat, full-width trays perform better and are easier to clean with concealed glides.
  • What is your preference to store items? In a drawer? Behind cabinets? Choose solutions around how you live from day to day.
  • What storage solution will truly maximize space? While some solutions help to organize, others help to store more. For example, tiered drawer storage can actually hold two silverware sets in one drawer.


You can also rely on our design team to help guide you to make good storage choices.

Setting Standards for Kitchen Organization & Storage

When thinking of kitchen storage ideas, it’s best to set standards for the different cabinets in your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers: while Lazy Susans probably pop into your head first, they certainly aren’t the only option out there for cabinet organization. From tray dividers to adjustable shelving, you’ll have that perfect place to store those larger serving dishes.

Pull-Out Trays: tired of crouching down on your knees to find a pot or pan? Pull-out organizers not only alleviate the need to bend down, but you’ll be able to easily find everything that’s in those deep dark corners. 

Drawer Inserts: Crowded or messy drawers? Take back control. Drawer inserts will have a space for anything so you can easily find it, and it’s also very appealing to the eyes. 

When you have everything you need in the proper place, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is cooking those delicious holiday cookies. 

5 Kitchen Storage Ideas

Now, let’s talk about some of the top kitchen storage ideas that will leave you inspired:

#1: Base Double Wastebasket Top Mount Kit

We love the convenience of two separate bins: one for trash and the other for recycling. Plus, installing this under your sink keeps it nice and close to your work area, but neatly concealed to keep it out of sight. Merillat in both their Classic and Massterpiece Collection offers this solution. 

Merillat Base Double Wastebasket Top Mount Kit

#2: Base Swing-Out Shelves

Corner cabinets can be the epitome of any kitchen. With a swing out shelf, you’ll not only increase the storage in your kitchen, but you’ll have easier access to those pots and pans. 

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#3: Wine Storage and Stem Glass Holder

Why should you have to go down to your basement just to grab a bottle of wine?! A wine storage cabinet complete with stemmed wine glass holder will complete your entertainment corner. 

#4: Spice Drawer Insert Kit

There’s no need to take up counter space or cabinet space. With a spice drawer insert kit (available from Quality Cabinets), you can simply pull out a drawer and viola – your spices are neatly organized saving you time and frustration. 

Quality Cabinets Spice Drawer Insert Kit

#5: Cutlery Drawers

These wide and spacious organizers from Fabuwood oftentimes have movable compartments that make it super easy and convenient to hold any type of cutlery – whether that be silverware, knives, or cooking utensils. 

Fabuwood Cutlery Drawers

Let H. J. Oldenkamp Help You Prepare For The Holidays

Being a wholesale distributor for multiple cabinet lines means that we have a variety of options to meet your needs. We offer two semi-custom lines, a frameless series, three affordable cabinets lines, and two that provide a great value and options for the price.

With all of these cabinet lines, there are a range of kitchen storage ideas that you can choose from. The best part is we have a beautiful showroom filled with over 18 different displays and selection centers so you can see our cabinet lines and kitchen storage ideas in person. Please contact our team today for more inspiration on kitchen storage ideas

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