The Beauty of Wood

The Beauty of Wood

Moving forward this year, bringing the beauty of nature into our living spaces has remained on trend. Warmer tones are becoming more prevalent. This transition in the trends brings wood tones to the forefront of design.

It is important to understand the characteristics of the wood grain when considering a wood stain for your upcoming project, whether that be your cabinetry or a butcher block countertop. The beauty of wood is the natural variation and uniqueness of each piece. When we look outside in nature, it is not perfect. In fact, we are drawn to how imperfect and calming nature can be when we take in its beauty.

Below are common wood characteristics to expect when selecting a wood stain. These characteristics hold true for any cabinet line and our Wood Welded Butcher Block countertops.

Pitch Pocket

  • This is a result of injury to the bark of the tree. The deep lines we see are the formation of gum spots in the wood.
  • Commonly found in cherry wood.

Worm Tracks or Worm Holes

  • Small streaks or dots in the wood caused by burrowing insects. The streaks and dots you see are new cell growth in the wood.

Mineral Streaks

  • Well-defined streaks running parallel with the grain of the wood.
  • The streaks can be dark or light in color depending on the wood specie and stain color.
  • These streaks in the wood are due to the tree absorbing minerals from the soil.


  • These are imperfections in the wood. Typically, knots are darker in color.
  • A knot in the wood grain is an indication that there was once a branch in that location of the tree. The branch broke off or fell off for some reason, usually early in the growth process. The knot is what is left behind.

All the images above are typical and normal. The lighter your stain color the more these characteristics will be visible. This is what makes wood perfectly imperfect. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our design team with any questions you may have. Email us at or give us a call at 800-462-6047

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By Shaynna Dubrinsky

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