How to Properly Maintain Your Surfaces and Cabinetry

Maybe you just moved into your new home, or maybe you just completed the kitchen remodel of your dreams. Or maybe you realized that you haven’t been giving your countertops and cabinetry the love they deserve for a while! Regardless of your situation, here are some easy tips and tricks on properly maintaining your surfaces and cabinetry so they look like new for a long time to come.


-For everyday cleaning, just use water and a paper towel or clean microfiber cloth.

-Clean up spills right away, before they can dry. Generally, a damp microfiber cloth used with a standard household kitchen spray should remove most stains.

-Clean surfaces in a circular motion.

-Bonus tip: always use cutting boards, trivets, and hot pads while working in the kitchen.

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-You can spruce up your cabinets by simply blotting them with a wet cloth. You might be surprised at how effective this can be in making them look new.

-If you need to use a cleaner, make sure it is a mild cleaner. Using strong chemicals can affect finishes/stains, and that’s the last thing you want to mess with! A lot of cabinetry manufacturers will recommend a bit of dish soap mixed with warm water – simple and effective.

-Do not spray cleaning products directly onto wood cabinets. Apply products to a cleaning cloth and use a gentle touch.

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For more information on caring for your home, refer to the specific manufacturer recommendations for your surfacing and cabinetry materials.

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