Options for Your Corner Cabinets

In your kitchen, corner cabinets could be the deciding factor of staying organized. The corner cabinet takes up more room overall but has a smaller access than a ‘regular’ cabinet. There are a lot of options for what your storage can look like in these cabinets, no matter the layout of the kitchen. Sometimes, the original shelves aren’t enough. Here are a few options for optimizing the storage space in your kitchen.


Drawer Corner Cabinet

Corner Drawers

Potentially the most unique solution in this list, drawers may take up less space in the overall corner, but you end up with fewer nooks and crannies where you could potentially lose a container lid forever. These distinctive drawer fronts seem like two separate cabinets but pull diagonally toward you as one unit.




Easy Reach Lazy SusanEasy Reach Lazy Susan

Moving on to a more traditional storage solution, the corner Lazy Susan. This Lazy Susan is shaped like Pac-Man with a pie cut to accommodate the angled door and swings all the way around. These days, you can find Lazy Susans in many materials, such as wood, chrome, or acrylic.





Blind Corner Lazy Susan

Blind Corner Lazy SusanBlind Corner Lazy Susan

The alternative option to an Easy Reach cabinet is a blind corner; blind corners only have one door and don’t attach to the other end of the inner corner. When you put a Lazy Susan in a blind corner, it swings out of the cabinet, so you have access to the storage without having to dig into the back of your cabinet. There are multiple shapes, like a ‘D’ shape, or an abstract ‘S’.


Blind Corner Swing-outBlind Corner Swing

Just like the previous option, this cabinet is a blind corner. But instead of the conventional Lazy Susan, the Swing out has a shelf that extends toward the user and opens parallel with the cabinet. Then you can access the rest of the cabinet via drawers that take up the blind corner. This option is memorable due to when you open the door, you see the wood shelf before you pull it out and can easily view your belongings.



Angled Cabinet Lazy SusanAngled Cabinet Lazy Susan

Another space saving option is an angled cabinet. Angled cabinets are an added interest to your corners in your kitchen. When the doors are closed, your kitchen has a unique shape instead of a 90-degree angle. An added pro to an angled cabinet is the ability to have a full circle Lazy Susan inside.







These are just five options of corner cabinets you could choose to alter and improve your current kitchen cabinet storage. The possibilities to redesign your kitchen are endless! Your new storage solution can bring your containers closer to you or make it easier to reach what your current shelves keep far from you.


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