The Advantages of Using Widesheet Dimensions

Making designs take shape is easier and more efficient than ever with new Corian® Solid Surface in Widesheet Dimensions featuring Class A Fire rating.

Corian® Solid Surface released eight colors in wide sheet dimensions – five existing Solid Surface colors and three new colors inspired by popular Solid Surface colors.

Have you used wide sheet sizes in your projects before? If not, you may be missing out on some big benefits!

  • Save time, labor costs, and inventory space

Typically, larger applications require multiple sheet seams to be joined. When you use wide sheets, that’s no longer an issue!  Without seaming, there is faster installation periods that are less labor-intensive. This also means less product waste through the standard cutting and joining process, along with less material that you need to keep in your inventory.

  • A sustainable choice

Corian® Solid Surface delivers nonporous, seamless, and low VOC products. They are also Green Guard Gold certified, which means the products contribute to indoor air quality and can be trusted for even the most at risk populations. Cover more space with less material waste!

  • Perfect for large scale commercial applications and businesses including healthcare, food service, and retail

The design community around the world trusts Corian® Solid Surface  to create warm and inviting spaces. The color palette features varying neutral shades that can fit any project need.

Interested in learning more about Widesheet dimensions? You can view our flyer or call our customer service team at 800-462-6047.

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