Fabuwood Cutlery Drawers

Top 2020 Design Trends for Kitchen & Bath

From smart devices to “wellness” areas to storage solutions, the team at H.J. Oldenkamp Company is breaking down the newest kitchen trends for 2020. Macro 2020 Residential Kitchen Trends According…
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Popular Wood Species to Know

We are surrounded by wood in our industry. Different wood species are better for certain architectural projects than others. For example, maple is a great wood type used for kitchen…
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5 Unique Applications of Corian Solid Surface

5 Unique Applications of Corian® Solid Surface Corian®’s adaptability is perfect for showers, bar tops, boats, and exterior wall cladding. Below are some of the most unique applications to help…
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Behind The Scenes: Corian® Design

What are Corian® countertops? That’s a question that our team hears a lot. Corian® Design is the surfacing material made by DuPont. There are actually two types of Corian® surfacing…
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The Top 8 Kitchen Cabinets To Buy

Updating your kitchen? Choosing new kitchen cabinets can be such a hard decision to make, and it’s also the most important one you’ll make with any kitchen refresh. The key…
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